• Aries: Sooo much action exhuasting but a lot of fun
  • Taurus: rlly rlly shy and awkward but i adore their determination
  • Gemini: super quirky and the best for talking about personal issues with
  • Cancer: Takes everything personally but good for music recommendations
  • Leo: they are so confident and get shit done and are great to laugh with
  • Virgo: acts super bitchy but they are perfect human beings underneath
  • Libra: flaky but super charming and literally the most selfless people
  • Scorpio: I love their sauciness but i am also scared of them
  • Sagittarius: super blunt and outgoing and i admire it with all my heart
  • Capricorn: Cynical little bitches but will kick your ass any day
  • Aquarius: always right no matter what do not argue w/ one
  • Pisces: sweetie pies who are sensitive and are really fun to gossip with
  • I wanna see you but you’re not mine
    ― Undo, The 1975 (via justanotherjuno)
  • On the internet: Ugh I hate people so much
  • Applying for a job: I love working with people and I'm very sociable
  • ecstasyofperception:


    the beautiful pure-fect tagged in a thing where you have to put your music on shuffle and list the 1st ten songs without skipping

    here goess:

    Roc me out- rihanna

    summer love- justin timberlake

    diamond girl- ryan leslie

    diamonds- rihanna

    beenie man- girls dem sugar

    birthday cake rihanna

    i will do this on my iTunes ahhhhhhh

    1. tell him - lauryn hill

    2. what really goes on - a tribe called quest

    3. modern romance - TV on the radio

    4. Pimp by blood - Jay-z and Nas

    5. The kids don’t stand a chance - Vampire Weekend

    6. go hard in the paint - waka flocka flame

    7. Trying to be cool (Breakbot remix) - Pheonix 

    8. Hallelujah time - the wallers 

    9. Rhye - 3 Days (Saux Remix)

    10. No woman no cry - Bob Marley


    Thanks coolkidskip for tagging me,this is what I got (I only have like 6 artists on my phone so it’s super repetitive )

    1.Shiver Shiver- Walk the Moon

    2.Casual Affair - Panic! At the disco

    3.Anna Sun - Walk the Moon

    4.Go Slow - Haim

    5.Get Home - Bastille

    6.The Silence - Bastille

    7.Lisa Baby - Walk the Moon

    8.I Can Lift a Car - Walk the Moon

    9.Texas - Magic Man

    10.Pressure - the 1975

    Tagging- anyone

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